Overcoming the affects of the pandemic by being a transmitter of positive influence.

Our future will be determined by influence not by “influenza”.

The world, our community is gripped with anxiety and great concern over the affects of Covid-19. We are anxious because things are out of our control, uncertain and have no end in sight!

I am reminded by Stephen Covey, in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People highlighted in Habit 1 “Being Proactive” of  a concept of the Circle of Concern vs the Circle of Influence.

It is easy for us to encircle our lives, families, workplaces with the things in the world that affect us BUT we have no control over (that’s why we are anxious) – things like the Virus, the economy, the share market, etc. 

It is far better, instead, if we intentionally encircle our lives, families and workplaces with the things that we CAN control and that ultimately will enable us to withstand & overcome current, and future events – Our emotions, attitudes, health, relationships, decisions and actions – these are the things we should ultimately be focussed on as much as possible. 

In fact it is this influence that should be the dominant “contagion” that infects our workplaces, our schools and homes NOT  fear and the anxiety (as unfortunately promoted by our media).

I believe it is about hope not fear, it is about more of us being infected and contagious with demonstrating positive attitudes & emotions (these we can control and should control) – being transmitters of positive influence rather than succumbing to concern and anxiety.

Be the Thermostat, Not the Thermometer

As we lead our businesses, communities and families through this time it is helpful to focus on being the Thermostat not the Thermometer.

A Thermometer can only describe the temperature BUT the Thermostat sets it!

It is no longer helpful to just “display” or describe the anxiety, concern, negative attitudes, indecision, loneliness etc of our current environment we must reset the temperature with a more positive, hope filled, intentional attitude amongst our culture otherwise more will perish for lack of hope and vision than from any current or future pandemic.

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